Highlights include a successful harvest of 45 pounds of beautiful light amber honey from Hive 1 and 2(thank you to Melody M. and Dick W. for your help 17 June!).  We left about 120 pounds of honey, which should be enough to get them through the summer and prepared for fall.   Our other hive, Hive three continues to grow.

During our inspection this week We found low numbers of Varroa mites in each of our hives which we continue to report to Zack Llamas at VA Tech as part of his research on Varroa mite management(for more information on this research collaborations see https://www.ento.vt.edu/the-bee-group-at-vt/beekeeping/mites2.html).  We also found a new pest, the small hive beetle.  Small hive beetles, an invasive pest from Africa thrive in honeybee colonies by tricking the bees into feeding them by rubbing their antennae against the bee’s “faces”. In response to this invader, we have deployed baited beetle traps.   

Helping with this week’s inspection was Tom S who, in addition to beekeeping, also helped an eastern box turtle safely cross the driveway to the Apiary!

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