We have an apiary to call attention to environmental stewardship and to be mindful of how we can take care of our environment so it can continue to take care of us. The bees work together as a community to take care of each other, and we follow their example as we take care of them. Our all-volunteer bee stewards or neighbors and church members are gathered together with the common goal of protecting these precious pollinators.


Join the Hive

You can meet the bees yourself! Come bee a part of our apiary community as a regular volunteer or just visit to see in person how amazing they truly are. Reservations are required and all beekeeping equipment is supplied.

Our tiny friends are fascinating creatures and we are always learning something new from them. Come see for yourself!

Follow Our Bees


During this week’s inspection we discovered an upturn in the number of Pests in our hives. After enjoying very low numbers of Varroa mites all year, we saw that we have reached about a 1% infection rate in two of our hives (our threshold for beginning treatment). We will apply oxallic acid vapor to the…

Spicy Girls

For the past month, the bees have been experiencing a “dearth” of nectar because of a seasonal lack of flowers that accompanies the heat of summer.  All bees during this time become more aggressive and will steal resources from weaker colonies.  To ward off these attacks, bees also become more defensive.  This combination makes the…

Preparing for Fall

This week we continue preparing our bees for Fall. Activities include reconfiguring our hives into their winter configuration. We do this by reducing the size of the hives, moving bees and resources from one hive to another to balence their size, feeding the bees sugar syrup and pollen if needed, and treating for pests if…