Harvest Time is Coming

The hives were inspected 10 June and all found to be in good order. Some earwigs were observed under the covers of all three hives, but these pests are not a significant concern. Generally, the bees can deal with them effectively without help from us.

In preparation for harvesting honey 17 June, we did an inventory of honey in the supers. We found that this spring, the bees gathered close to 200 pounds of honey. That means, with the honey we already took off, we can safely harvest another 50 pounds. The plan is to begin pulling frames at 1000. We will spin the frames in our extractor in the Church Kitchen starting at 1130. After we are done, we will return the frames to the hives to have the bees clean them up prior to storage. We should be done by 3 pm. If you are interested in seeing this work done or participating, email ctkbees@gmail.com.

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