Everything is Set (mostly)

It has been a lot of work, but we are now all set for the bees. We have heard from Ron Stillwell some good news! The bees are healthy and because of the warm weather will be ready to transfer to our apiary a week ahead of schedule on March 4. We are waiting for the State Agricultural Inspector to come and certify the bee’s health, then we will go to pick them up.

At the apiary, the hive stands, fence, and signage are all in. We still have the buffer garden to install, but the soil has been too wet to work. We should be able to get into that in a few weeks. We are looking for some native or naturalized plantings to go around the apiary that are deer resistant. If you have plantings that need thinning out or that you are tired of that would look good around the apiary, please contact ctkbees@gmail.com.

All the bee furniture, and equipment is in good order and packed to deploy to the apiary for working the bees. We have bee suits to fit people form 5′-0″ to 6′-8″ so if you are interested in seeing the a bee colony from the inside out contact us to schedule a time to come out.

We are also looking for help with this website. As you can see it is pretty rudimentary. If you have some web skills and time, we sure could use your help!

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