Honey and More Space

May 21 Update

This past week we reconfigured the brood area to make more space for our new queens to lay.  On hive 1, we moved the medium super that was in the brood area above the queen excluder and added a deep box of foundation.  For Hive 2, we added a second medium super to the brood area.  Overall, the new queens have been laying, with new brood observed in hive 1 and some 5 day old brood observed in hive 2.  We did not see eggs in hive 2 nor did we see the queen, so we will be looking carefully for her next inspection.  The new split, Hive 3 is healthy, with the queen laying nicely and the bees drawing out new comb.

We finished packing the honey we pulled off.  The honey is a light golden color and the taste is mild and very floral.  Reviewing our notes from the spring, the girls were foraging heavily on Autumn Olive, Maples and Redbud when they were putting on the nectar that we took off as honey.  We have 28 ¾ pound jars of honey available.  If you are interested in having some contact ctkbees@gmail.com. We will take off more honey sometime later in July.  The later honey will be darker and more flavorful, so if a more robust flavored honey is your preference, you will have a chance later this summer.

Save the 27th of August on your calendar for the Great Falls VA Honey Harvest   

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