New Blooms and More Honey

(Update from April 21)

Friday was a day for a quick inspection and walk around the property. We continued to see Celandine Poppy and Common Violet in bloom. Weather was warm and there was a lot of activity at the entrances of both hives.

Hive 1 has drawn out 7 frames in their honey super and had nectar and capped honey and got a second medium super supplied with 3 drawn frames and 7 with foundation. We pulled two frames of capped honey onto the new super and aded two frames of foundation in their place. The brood pattern was good with no disease indiactions observed. We did not look for the queen but all stages of brood were observed.

Hive 2 had drawn and filled two new fames in their second super and expanded to 8 frames in the lower super. We added a third super with all foundation and moved 3 frames of capped honey up into into it. The brood looked healthy and all stages were observed. We did not look for or see the queen.

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